European textbook for education about standards

16 juni 2015

Do you want to know more about standards and standardization? Download your free copy of A World Built on Standards and its supporting material on this page.

Whether you are a student, researcher or lecturer understanding standards and standardization is essential. This knowledge can be an important asset in teaching and learning, but is far more important in the workplace for future careers as managers, engineers, scientists or any other profession chosen.

In order to support European education about standards, the British Standards Institution, Danish Standards, the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the Finnish Standards Association and the University of Zagreb have, with support from the European Standards organisations CEN and CENELEC, developed free educational material for higher education.

Download Textbook: A world built on standards

The textbook guides you through a world built on standards. You will be introduced to topics such as:

  •     What is a standard?
  •     What are the benefits of standards?
  •     Who makes a standard?
  •     How do I read a standard?
  •     What is CE-marking?
  •     How do standards relate to regulation?
  •     Can standards support innovation? 

A World Built on Standards is supported by multiple choice questions, Power Point presentations and case studies of how others have taught standards and standardization. After each chapter in the textbook, questions that can be used as discussion points on matters related to the chapter are provided.

This publication and all supporting material is free to distribute, but not for commercial use.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for this material, do not hesitate to contact us.

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